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This section provides information about Kanno, Japanese food culture and how to eat kaisendon (seafood bowl).
[Important notes from Kanno]
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Culture of eating raw fish
Culture of eating raw fish

Because Japan, an island nation, is surrounded on all four sides by oceans, we have been blessed with an environment where fresh seafood is always available. Therefore, it is still our tradition and culture to eat fish raw.
As Edo (today's Tokyo) is close to the ocean and where fresh seafood is always accessible, raw fish recipes have been cultivated with the times. These evolved into sushi and sashimi, which represent Japanese food.

About Donmono (bowl dishes)
About Donmono (bowl dishes)

"Donmono" refers to rice bowls with meat, fish, eggs and other ingredients on top. It is said that the origin of donmono dates back to the Edo era, which is more than 100 years ago. Essentially, in Japan, people eat rice, our staple dish, and side dishes separately. However, at that time many of the craftsmen in Edo were impatient and started rushing to eat their rice with side dishes on top to save as much time as possible, which is said to be the origin of donmono. It might be similar to fast food for today's busy business people.
The kaisendon offered by Kanno is a yummy, healthy seafood bowl with fresh seafood on top of rice seasoned with vinegar. Try it so you can enjoy the taste of Japan at a more reasonable price than sushi.

About Donmono (bowl dishes)
How to eat Donmono
Eat the seafood and rice together Just add a little soy sauce at a time Wasabi accentuates donmono
Eat the seafood and rice together.

The combined taste of the seafood and the rice underneath is the best part of donmono. Please enjoy the harmony of the seafood and rice in your mouth.
Just add a little soy sauce at a time.

Adding too much soy sauce spoils the bowl and makes both the seafood and rice just taste like soy sauce. Just add a little soy sauce at a time while eating. This is the smart way to eat donmono.
Wasabi accentuates donmono

Wasabi adds a nice, tangy accent to donmono. You can better maximize the wasabi flavor when you eat both seafood and rice together, rather than eating them separately.
[Important Notes from Kanno]
-Smoking is prohibited in all areas. There is a smoking area in the lounge outside.
-Do not disturb other customers when taking photos inside the shop.
-Do not take any items out of the shop without permission.
-You are not allowed to eat while walking for food hygiene purposes. (You are not allowed to eat any food brought from outside the shop.)
-Sharing donmono with several people is only allowed at the stand-up dining section.
-We also provide grilled and boiled fish for those who do not eat raw seafood. Please ask us for more information.
-Do not enter the kitchen area without the chef's permission.
-Please note that we do not have menus for vegetarians.
-We do not have a toilet in the shop. Use the one in the outside rest station.
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